Our unique design has been perfected to dry your gear faster, helping stop damp, smelly wetsuits, boots and gloves from ruining a great day out on the water.

We started making c-monstas for surfers in the north of Scotland but it turned out that everyone who loves being in the water needs a c-monsta!

We are now selling on Amazon in the US!

All your kit dry and together for $45.95

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  • Recycled Materials

    c-monsta hangers are made from recycled plastic & our packaging is made from recyled cardboard to help reduce our environmental impact.

  • Dries Faster

    c-monsta's unique hanger design keeps your kit separate and ventilated to dry faster - No more damp wetsuits or smelly boots!

  • Space Saving

    By hanging your kit vertically it not only dries faster but saves you space as well! Simply hang it in the shower to dry then hang it in a cupboard for storage.

  • Strong & Robust

    Designed to last a lifetime, your c-monsta hanger is strong & robust, from our recycled plastic to the woven straps.

  • The Ultimate Gift

    What do you get for the cold water lover who has everything? Fun, innovative and, above all, useful.

  • Scottish Family Business

    The entire hanger, including the buckle and strap are made in the UK, even our recycled cardboard packing!



c-monsta was born in the north of Scotland out of a love of cold water surfing. c-monsta is a family business and looks to operate with sympathy to the environment and support people who love surfing and other cold water activities.

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