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c-monsta was started by Mark from his home in the north of Scotland. After spending a decade prioritising surfing and travelling it looked like it was time to start settling down (a bit). After thinking long and hard, a return back to Scotland felt right - a return home. After having his first child he found out (like many people do) that certain sacrifices have to be made. Time was becoming more limited but the need to get out and surf never dwindled. So Mark started to think of ways that he could make the most of the waves that he could get.

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With short, cold days and fickle, tide-dependent surf spots, speed is always of the utmost importance. Let’s face it, no one likes getting into a cold, damp wetsuit. It slows you down, kills the stoke and can easily ruin a great day on the water. The answer was simple then - come up with a solution that meant your wetsuit and gear was always ready for action, no matter what. No more leaving it in the bottom of the shower or bath, getting stinky and growing who knows what on it. No more struggling into a damp wetsuit. And so, the c-monsta was born….

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The birth of a C-Monsta

Like a modern day Victor Frankenstein, Mark locked himself in his garage and started to work. The aim? Create a functional wetsuit hanger that could keep all your gear together and help it dry faster. The first few c-monsta’s were made from wood - not ideal, they were heavy and didn’t do great with the water. The next rounds were made from various types of foam board. These solved the weight problem but weren’t the strongest. Finally Mark settled on recycled plastic. A strong, durable, waterproof material that had a lower impact on the environment and could be recycled again at the end of its life.

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Since then the c-monsta has been perfected, adding ventilation holes to aid drying, drip edges to draw water away from the suit, extra hooks for accessories and an extra large hook with adjustable strap which allows the hanger to be hung just about anywhere. The c-monsta is the ultimate wetsuit hanger, manufactured from reycled plastic and designed for all cold water fans.

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