Gorilla robes

What makes a good changing robe?

Warmth - it’s what it’s all about, a fleecy lining to keep you cozy!

Style  - As well as keeping you warm it’s also a portable changing room- so it has to provide enough room for you to wriggle around in it and come out fully dressed at the other end, without a stray boob or butt-cheek being exposed to the elements.

Recycled - There are many different recycled options – they’re out there so why wouldn’t you buy a recycled one?

The hood -  A well fitting hood, adjustable allowing space for a hat underneath.

The Zips - Robust zip, with reversible tags that are easy to use with cold fingers.

Waterproof - Because we want to be able to adventure in any weather.

Pockets - Somewhere to keep your valuables (undies) and your cold hands.

Storage - They are a bulky bit of kit so having a compact bag or strap to be able to pack it away neatly is always a bonus.

I love being in the open water regardless of whether I am swimming, body surfing, surfing or just pottering about on a SUP. Swimming outside has always been part of my life. Growing up by the sea in the north of Scotland, it was just something we always did.  Although, as kids the winter months were never really a consideration and, to be honest, without the gear these days I’m not sure I’d be so quick to get straight in.  One of the newest additions to my winter (and lets face it, year round in Scotland) cold water collection is my Gorilla robe. 

Why do I love my gorilla robe?

The first thing that caught my eye was that it was made from recycled plastic, then the price - way cheaper compared to similar products.

When I first used it after a dip in the sea at the weekend I was totally hooked. Being cozy and warm in a changing robe are pretty standard but what I really loved was the ½ zip making it easy to put on and zip up with cold hands.  There are zips at the bottom on both sides, making changing in the robe really easy. The comforting front pocket pouch to warm your hands up was an added bonus. I haven’t used a hot water bottle in it yet but I hear it can be done and I fully intend to test it out! So in summary I love my gorilla robe and will have it with me winter or summer on all my water adventures and probably camping ones too.  

Thanks Gorilla robes  - 5 stars!

Not to mention the ideal companion for my C-Monsta.



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