What is the Best Way to Rinse a Wetsuit?

What is the Best Way to Rinse a Wetsuit?

The Best Way to Rinse a Wetsuit


The objective when rinsing a wetsuit is to remove all the salt (and maybe pee) from the suit. Good suit maintenance will prolong the lifespan of a suit, saving you money and resulting in less neoprene in landfill. Salt also holds on to the moisture so will prolong the drying process, so read on if you want a nice dry suit that lasts as long as possible.

The best way to rinse a suit is probably to have a quick shower before you take the suit off so that the outside is well rinsed first. If that is not possible then just take the suit off and keep it in a tub until you get home or to a tap. 

Once you get home fill a tub full of fresh water, then you can submerge the suit, making sure that the inside as well as the outside are well rinsed. If you don't have a big tub, just rinse it in the shower. It is worth taking time over this to make sure that all the salt is out of the suit.

I have read that hot water is bad for neoprene but sometimes in winter I will drive home in my suit and there is no way that I am going to be messing about with cold water. I rinse the suit inside and out with warm water then hang it on my c-monsta inside the shower.

Saltwater will eventually destroy the elasticity of a suit and compromise the strength of neoprene, leading to a lack of mobility and leaks. It's a terrible feeling when your lovely toasty winter suit starts leaking along the seams when you are only just approaching the coldest months of the year.

Once your wetsuit is fully rinsed hang it from your handiest ever, bestest in the world, only buy once, recycled plastic, c-monsta wetsuit hanger for a few days - not in direct sunlight. Once the suit is dry on the outside, simply turn the it inside out and allow the other side to dry.

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