Using the c-monsta Wetsuit Dryer and Wetsuit Care

What is the best way to rinse a wetsuit?

Saltwater and pee are bad for the neoprene in wetsuits so it is best to rinse out a wetsuit after using it. When you pull a wetsuit off it will come off inside out, if you rinse the outside then spray water inside the suit (making sure you get the hose down the arms and legs) you should be able to get most of the salt water off the suit. You can also dunk the suit in a large bucket of water.

Keep the wetsuit inside out when drying so that the first bit of the wetsuit to dry is the inside. 

If you are wearing boots and gloves these should both be given a good rinse then hung in an inverted position to dry. The c-monsta wetsuit hanger and dryer is perfect for this. When you want to surf next, the hanger will have all your kit dry, together and ready to go.

What is the best way to wash wetsuit boots?

If you pee in your wetsuit it will inevitably go down into your boots where it will accumulate and make your boots stink. There are dedicated products you can buy for cleaning wetsuits but if you soak the boots for an hour in a diluted white vinegar solution it will kill any living organisms, which cause the stink. 

Make sure that you hang boots in an inverted position to allow them to dry.

What is the best way to wash a wetsuit?

If you pee in your wetsuit and/or don't let it dry properly then it will end up stinking. There are products you can buy but if you soak the wetsuit in a large bucket of diluted white vinegar solution for an hour it will kill any living organisms - which cause the stink. 

After washing the wetsuit make sure and hang it up - not from the shoulders as it will stretch the neoprene - the c-monsta wetsuit hanger is a great way to hang the wetsuit to dry as well as your boots and gloves!

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