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  • Designing A Hook for a Wetsuit Hanger

    The obvious way to for a wetsuit hanger to be suspended would have been via a carabiner. During the design process there was deliberation whether t...
  • Staying Surf Fit During Flat Spells

    Staying Surf Fit Through the Summer   As a surfer in Scotland, staying fit through the summer is a battle. The first thing I do in the morning in w...
  • c-monsta Wetsuit Hanger Brand Colours and Surfing Through the Winter

    Surfing Through Winter in Scotland   The c-monsta wetsuit hanger brand colours have been inspired by the cold dark winters of Scotland, the f...
  • c-monsta Magic - Keep it Together

    It has been a fun weekend magic some promotional videos for the c-monsta wetsuit hanger project!
  • boardshop.co.uk Having a Shot of the c-monsta

    Massive thank-you to the guys at boardshop.co.uk who have supported the c-monsta wetsuit hanger project since day 1. www.boardshop.co.uk
  • How to Decide Whether or not you Should Surf

    The forces that affect whether we surf or not, particularly in the bitterly cold north of Scotland.
  • Using the c-monsta Wetsuit Dryer and Wetsuit Care

    What is the best way to rinse a wetsuit? Saltwater and pee are bad for the neoprene in wetsuits so it is best to rinse out a wetsuit after using it...