The C-Monsta Story

The Wetsuit hanger


c-monsta is hoping to leave a small environmental footprint, taking responsibility for the plastic it uses for its wetsuit hangers.

Because the c-monsta is bomb proof it is hoped that you will never need to recycle it. However if you have finished with or somehow broken it you can send it back and it will be crushed up and recycled into new hangers. Part of the cost of the hanger is a deposit. If you have bought your wetsuit hanger direct from c-monsta and wish to return your hanger we will either send you £3 or give you £6 discount off the RRP of a new hanger.

The entire hanger, including the recycled packaging, is manufactured in the UK. The only components not made from recycled materials are the strap and buckle.

Experience of the c-monsta has shown that winter water attire can be maintained easily. It is hoped that the result of this is that wetsuits will last longer and less wetsuits will end up in landfill.


wetsuit hanger uk wetsuit boots and gloves dryer

The History


After a decade of prioritising surf and travel I found myself in a position where it looked like a bit of settling might be happening. I had thought long and hard about where I wanted to live and had decided I wanted to go home. I love Scotland, my friends, my family and the waves - it has always felt like home for me. 

My partner and I had our first child and as most people experience, my time became limited. I do not enjoy limitations or restrictions so set about gearing my life so that I could still surf as much as possible. With short, cold days and fickle, tide dependent surf spots I went in search of ways to get more waves and more enjoyment from the waves that I did get.

Wetsuit care was always annoying for me, I don't know how many times I have been looking for my wetsuit only to find it dripping wet in the shower tray with the stinking boots lying somewhere nearby. Long story short I came up with the c-monsta. The unexpected outcome was that it made getting home and getting out the house far easier as well.

It is good to make the most of our time and to do what we love, with minimal harm to the planet. From those simple principles c-monsta has come into existence.



The Clothes


The clothes supplied by c-monsta are as light on the environment and operationally ethical as we could find. You can rest easy wearing our clothes; the supplier has a close relationship with their manufacturer in India. The factory is regularly audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria. With light, open, modern and positive working conditions it is a long way away from the factories that supply some cheaper garments sold on the high street.

We only print t-shirts when you order them, this can mean a slightly longer delivery time, however it also means that no t-shirts go to waste. The factory where they are printed in the UK is powered by renewables, uses low-impact inks and encourages their staff to participate in vocational training programs. 

Nobody is perfect but c-monsta wants to do what it can.


Keep it together