What is the best fathers day gift?

What is the best fathers day gift?

If your Dad is a surfer, stand up paddle boarder, sailor, wind surfer, traithlete or loves his kayak, look no further, a c-monsta wetsuit hanger is the best gift for him.

c-monstas were designed for cold water surfers but it turns out that everyone who wants their kit dried and stored neatly finds a c-monsta handy. They are super sturdy and their versatility makes them handy for just about anyone who wants to keep their kit together and drying nicely. 

The great thing is that they not only benefit the recipient but they also benefit everyone in the house because the wet kit no longer lingers in the tub or shower for days on end. By making it easy to look after kit it will also expand its lifespan saving money and time - the ultimate slippery customers!

Boots, gloves and any other bits and bobs can be hung from the top of the quirky looking critters and a wetsuit or towel can be hung from the generous sized bottom rail.

As loads of customers have said "you never knew you needed one until you have one, then you will never go without one again." Check the reviews on the c-monsta landing page. Nearly all 5 star reviews from our happy customers.

Keep it together with the c-monsta!

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