What is the best gift for a surfer?

What is the best gift for a surfer?

What is the best gift for a surfer?


The best gift for a surfer really depend on what stage of surfing they are at, where they surf and how often they surf. Here are a few ideas which we think would go down well with most surfers who surf in the UK and the US.


1/ c-monsta wetsuit hanger! C-monsta wetsuit hangers are great because they not only benefit the surfer but their kit then lands on a hanger rather than stinking out the shower tray for days on end – so benefits everyone they live with! The other benefit is that the surfers wetsuit, boots and gloves will last longer, having a long term benefit – saving them time, money and helping the environment.

We like the c-monsta because it takes boots and gloves, is made from recycled plastic, comes in a nice presentation box, and is a fun gift!



2/ Surfboard. If you ask any surfer what their ultimate gift might be – it is probably going to be a surfboard! They are not cheap though and best to consult the surfer to check that they are getting the board that they want. If you want to surprise them then use a local shaper who knows the surfer well.



3/ Changing Robe. Dryrobes have been on the go for ages now and proved their worth for everyone who loves surfing or any other cold water sport.



4/ Surfboard leash. A fairly affordable gift and there are some nicely designed ones out there.



5/ Surf Watch. There are some awesome watches out there which have superb functions like tide times for local spots. Check Garmin and Apple for their efforts to help surfers out. The apple watch has proved popular with the WSL so you can get time updates on surf heats.



6/ Action camera. Everyone wants the POV shot of themselves in a tube – get going with a GoPro with a mouth mount to be like Nathan Florence! Please do not complain to me if your footage looks nothing like that though!



7/ Wax. Get your friend a block of wax if you’re looking for a cheap stocking filler type gift for a surfer. Remember to look out for the wax that is the right temperature for the place where the person surfs.



8/ Wetsuit. Wetsuits come in a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Make sure that the person you are buying for knows what size you are getting them though because different brands have different fits.



9/ Wetsuit boots. Perfect gift for the cold water surfer. Check out Solite for their unique take on wetsuit boots. They also last for years which makes them a good eco - choice!



10/ Surfboard bag. Surfboard bags are a really nice gift for anyone who surfs. From very thin bags to the thickest of travel bags you are sure to find one that will suit the recipient!



Whether it is a gift for mothers day, fathers day, Christmas, a birthday or simply to say you love the recipient, there is hopefully something in here for you!

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