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c-monsta Changing Mat (UK)

c-monsta Changing Mat (UK)

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Change in absolute comfort and look after your suit with this padded changing mat.

Start looking forward to getting changed!

A superb stand-alone item but when combined with the c-monsta bag and hanger, your experience of getting changed will be transformed!


Made from welded recycled 400D PVC

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Susie Bovis

I bought this for my husband who swims outside every day. This is such a great product.

Tania Kirkbride
Well behaved little chaps

Our C-Monsta hanger and mat are the best little buddies you can ask for! Holidaying in the Highlands this Easter, I don’t have a wetsuit, but dried my swimming socks, gloves, shoes and swimsuit on the hangar overnight. The mat is brilliant because the padding makes all the difference to getting a quick change in the cold without wobbling about! Love them.

Kim Rumsam
Love the master

Love all my monster gifts

Caorann Fosbrooke
Cmonsta hanger, bag, and changing mat!

Absolutely essential bit of kit - especially in the cold Scottish winters! Looking after your kit - keeping it dryer, cleaner & more organised! The mat is also super handy if you get a roadside puncture!! ;)
Cheers, Caorann

Stett Holbrook
Get one!

The C-Monsta is the gear I never knew I needed. Instead of the sludgy bin where I kept all my stuff it’s now neat, tidy and dry in the split bag. The hanger is a must, too. Suits dry slowly up here in NorCal but the C-Monsta hanger gets the job done. Great quality and utility all around.

Hey Stett!

I see you bought the bag, mat and hanger. I love using them because they all work so nicely together - very pleased that you have had the same experience!

I really appreciate you putting faith in the products and the brand - every purchase is appreciated and the money goes back into the business to bring new products to the market to help people look after their equipment and do what they love!

All the very best!