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C-Monsta Wetsuit Hanger V2 (UK)

C-Monsta Wetsuit Hanger V2 (UK)

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Every surf dash and sea swim leaves you with memories... and a drenched wetsuit.

Meet the c-monsta hanger: it turns drying hassles into a breeze. Engineered for athletes like surfers, sea swimmers, kite surfers, and triathletes, this isn't just a hanger; it's a game-changer for your gear.

Why You'll Love C-Monsta:

  • Rapid Drying Design: Our uniquely tailored hanger airs out your wetsuit, boots, and gloves more efficiently, banishing the dread of damp gear.
  • Sea-First: Made entirely from recycled plastic, every hanger supports not just your gear, but our oceans too. Packaged in recycled cardboard, it's a choice that feels good on every level.
  • Upgraded V2: We've listened to our community and elevated. With a wider mouth, extra accessory hooks, and a sturdier frame, your gear has never been in better hands.

Tailored for the Tides: Whether you're slicing through waves, training for that triathlon, or embracing the calm of a sea swim, the c-monsta hanger ensures your gear is ready when you are. Damp, smelly wetsuits no longer have to cloud your adventures.

Exclusive Offer: Dive Deeper, Save Bigger Your gear deserves the best, and so does your wallet. Grab 3 c-monsta hangers and get your 4th on us! Equip all your gear or share the love with your squad. Add 4 to your cart, and the discount applies automatically or click here and we'll do the hard work for you Add 4 to Cart Now - because the best adventures are shared! 

Seize the Tide: The sea waits for no one, and neither should you. Elevate your wetsuit care with c-monsta today, and make every return from the water as refreshing as the dive in. Because your gear deserves love, and so does the planet.

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Made from welded recycled 400D PVC

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Customer Reviews

Based on 623 reviews
Bret Stewart
C-Monsta is awesome

Love the c-Mont’s hangers… my customers love them… best way to dry those heavy wetsuit books along with gloves and suit but only 1 hanger… and it makes the water drip off to the sides so the suit drys faster than you’d expect… it’s also available at awesome dive shops like

Delivers what it promises!

I ordered four, for the Family that swims/surfs/boogies together, stays together AND needs organization to not have wet stinky gear the next time they want to swim/surf/boogie together or individually. I have yet to have my 4 y/o or 10 y/o hang on it...
I really like them and my wife is stoked she got some of her coat hangers back...thanks!

Bret Stewart
Gear Hanger

These gear hangers are amazing. And the customer service is top notch.

Thanks Bret, Great to hear. We just want our customers to be happy (and for their wetsuits to last longer!!!).




Bent after 2nd use

Really liked the design of this product. Unfortunately the boot holders are bending significantly after only using the product twice. It is causing the entire hanger to deform. I’m sure it will get worse. Not nearly as robust as advertised. Disappointing quality.

Hi Ryan,

Firstly, thanks for buying the product. You have put your faith in a new product that you perhaps had not seen before, paid hard earned money for it and you deserve for that product to fit your purposes.

There are a couple of possibilities for what has caused your hanger to bend. The first is that you are using the hanger without a wetsuit hung on it. If this is the case, and you have slightly larger boots, the balance point can be slightly higher than where the strap is connected and cause the hanger to tip. This can be exaggerated by hanging it in a warm place as plastic softens in heat and the hanger can bend - we have seen a handful of cases where this has happened. A wetsuit on the bottom rail acts as a counter balance and keeps the hanger vertical (I hope that this makes sense).

The second possibility is that there has been a manufacturing defect which is really unlikely as we have not really had any - but there is always a first.

Please feel free to communicate with me on here (or on and let me know how you would like this to be resolved - I would be happy to accommodate a refund, replacement or whatever you reasonably suggest.

We are 100% customer focussed so want you to be happy with the outcome.



Kelly Monroe

They were gifts for my husband and sons and they love them!!

We love it when we hgear about customers gifting these and the recipients are happy!!! Hopefully you will also benefit from all their equipment being tidied away neatly. The win win gift!